Mousebird Consulting—Design for Homepage


This final design for the homepage reflects decisions made by Mousebird throughout the process. Differences from the design at earlier stages include:

  • A taller header, with the full mousebird symbol rather than a cropped version in the logo.
  • A light-blue background for several sections.
  • Positioning of product images in a side-by-side rather than stacked format, except at the narrowest breakpoint.
  • Rounded corners and drop shadows on images.
  • The inclusion of “Technical Details and Thanks” as a regular section rather than as part of the footer.

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Final Homepage

Final design for Mousebird Consulting's homepage at five breakpoints. The header is blue, with logo in black and white and nav in white. The <h1>, subhead, and green 'contact us' button are on the left, and a half globe is on the right. The backgrounds of the following sections alternate between white and light blue.