Signage Design


I have generated signage design for large corporate events and for nonprofit and private use. I can impart visual messages that are consistent and engaging. Understanding the production needs of large files, I can work with printers to achieve the best results.

Products and Services

  • Creation of signs for indoor and outdoor use
  • Curation and correction of photos
  • Arrangement of step-and-repeat backdrops
  • Redrawing of art in vector format
  • Coordination with print vendors
  • Accessibility*

*I have modified some design examples from their original versions in order to comply with WCAG standards. Significant changes are noted in project descriptions.

Selected Work

Bethesda Jewish Congregation (BJC)

A synagogue in Maryland asked me to design a Black Lives Matter sign for members to display on their lawns. About 225 households from Maryland, the District of Columbia, and northern Virginia worship at BJC. Proceeds from the sale of the sign went to support the organization’s Social Action Committee.

The work entailed recreating their logo as a vector graphic, a format that’s often necessary for producing art at large sizes. I redrew the scroll and reset the type.

Signage design for Bethesda Jewish Congregation (BJC). Leviticus 19:16 appears in red text in Hebrew and English: 'You shall not stand idle upon the blood of your fellow.' Below are the phrase 'Black Lives Matter' in black, uppercase letters, and the BJC logo.


I created signs for a series of conferences on digital marketing that ran annually in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto. Some of the most prominent companies in search and design—including Google, Yahoo, and Adobe—were sponsors of and presenters at these events.

See my other work for ClickZ:

Signage design for ClickZ Live conference. The sign is long horizontally, with a ratio of roughly 2.87 to 1, and has a dark-grey background. Across the top are photos of people networking. Large, white text reads 'Welcome to ClickZ Live New York.' Below is the conference tagline in smaller, lavender text.
Step-and-repeat signage design for ClickZ Live conference. The ClickZ New York logo is on the top, centered. Below that is the conference tagline. Surrounding these are repeated instances of sponsors' logos.
Photo of panel at the ClickZ Live New York conference. A moderator and four speakers sit on the stage. Behind them is an example of signage design, a step-and-repeat sign with sponsors' logos.