Imaging to Suit Your Needs

Nature photography is one of my passions. Photographing flora and landscapes allows me to refine my eye for color and composition. I also have experience in event photography.

I am an advanced Photoshop user. I am proficient in creating and coding responsive images for the web and in preparing photos for print.

By producing original photography, editing existing images, and curating collections, I can create an effective visual presentation for your business.

Visit my shop for the complete collection (event photos are not available for purchase).

Related Examples

Photo editing was part of my design work for these projects:


  • Nature and outdoor photography
  • Event photography
  • Selection of images (whether yours or stock)
  • Editing including retouching and color correction
  • Optimization for web
  • Coding responsive images in HTML
  • Preparation for print


Flowers of golden ragwort (Packera aurea), also known as golden groundsel or squaw weed. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.View along the River Wensum, Norfolk, UK. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.
Red-and-yellow tulip. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.'Red-orange tulips in front of a pond. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.'Stunning Apricot,' single late tulip. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.'Lady of Shalott' shrub rose. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Flower head of dandelion. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.A honeybee visits a flower of Eastern prickly pear (Opuntia humifusa). Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.
Ivy geranium (Pelargonium peltatum) and lantana (Lantana camara). Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Blossom of the Japanese flowering cherry. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.
'Daubeny's water lily, Nymphaea × daubenyana. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Pink Double Dandy,' known commercially as Keiko™, is an intersectional peony, a hybrid between a tree peony and a herbaceous peony. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Miniature hanging red roses. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Blossom of hybrid magnolia 'Ann.' Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Lavender petunias. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.A honeybee visits a flower head of ornamental onion. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.
Young blooms of hiryu azalea (Rhododendron obtusum), also known as kurume azalea. The name of the cultivar is 'Amoenum.' Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Field of Spanish bluebells. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.


Roman Catholic bishop with miter (headdress) and crosier (staff) at wedding mass. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Bishops and priest at Roman Catholic wedding mass. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Bride at Roman Catholic wedding mass. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Bishop reading at Roman Catholic wedding mass. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Attendees at Roman Catholic wedding mass; stained glass in background. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.Holy oil in Roman Catholic church. Photo © Dawn Cavalieri.