Responsive Email


My work in responsive email has comprised copywriting, design of infographics, curation and editing of photos, and coding. Proficient in HTML/CSS, I know the optimal way to code to address the limitations of email services. I can produce emails that are meaningful, attractive, and mobile friendly.

Products and Services

  • Copywriting
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Creation of vector art and infographics
  • Curation and correction of photos
  • Coding in HTML, including inline styles
  • Accessibility*

*I have modified some design examples from their original versions in order to comply with WCAG standards. Significant changes are noted in project descriptions.

Selected Work

Humanitarian Nonprofit

I built an email to update subscribers about the client’s critical rescue work (client’s name and logo have been removed for anonymity). I wrote the copy; designed the look; selected and color corrected the photos; created the map and graph; and coded the file according to recommended methods for responsive email.

(Scroll in the email window to see the entire piece.)